Man Vs. Homemade Gin: Round 1

So, for Christmas my girlfriend’s brother and his lady friend decided to get me a DIY Gin kit. Oh, how they know me so. Now I, like every self-respecting drinking man, fancy myself a nice bourbon. But I also like to switch it up, and as I’m sure many do, I find myself rotating between types of spirit for my cocktails. Except Tequila. And Rum. Never Rum and Tequila. Unless it’s free, then Tequila and Rum. But I digress… So my second go-to spirit happens to be Gin, and they knew this so they bought me this fantastic Homemade Gin Kit right here…

Homemade Gin Kit
 The Kit

This modest kit comes equipped with two ingredients: Juniper berries, and this particular company’s proprietary blend of botanicals (Seen Below)…

The Main Event
The Flowery Stuff

It also comes with two bottles to contain your liquidy goodness, as well as a mesh screen for straining, a funnel for pouring, and a barebones set of instructions. This particular kit uses the infusion method of making Gin which is essentially just steeping a good Vodka (I used an upper-middle of the road brand that rhymes with Schmito’s) with some concoction of Juniper berries and herbs to achieve your desired flavor. For this attempt, I decided to simply use the ingredients they provided me without regard to proportions or added ingredients (except I did add some cucumber because I LOVE Hendrick’s Gin) because I wanted to see how this company’s basic DIY Gin turned out. After letting the Juniper berries steep for 24 hours, and the proprietary botanical blend steep for 12 hours, I decided I could wait no longer. In fairness, the instructions told me I could wait no longer and I’m a sucker for authority. So I took the big bottle I wrangled up for this concoction and filtered the Gin through the afore mentioned mesh screen to sift out all those icky little herby bits and VOILA!

Finished Product

I had successfully completed my first attempt at small batch Gin, and was ready to consume that which I could call my own. Much to my chagrin, it was in fact quite floral, and if you know anything about me, I prefer a Juniper forward Gin (yes, I know I said I LOVED Hendrick’s, now shut up). Other than the floral assault on my senses, the final product turned out very smooth and was easily consumed on the rocks. After my friends and I finished the first of the two bottles I started mixing it with a grapefruit soda and lime to cut through that floral note and make a really crisp, refreshing cocktail. I intend for this to be the first of many homemade attempts at producing high quality small batch Gin, but all in all I would be completely content if it turned out the same as this batch. The only bad thing I have to say about this Gin kit…

The Last of It 😦

… Is that I wish the second bottle was bigger! Don’t forget to be good boys and girls, and follow me on Twitter ;and Instagram .


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