What The Hell Is This? And Why Are You Talking To Me?

If you’ve happened to stumble across my little corner of heaven and are in fact still reading along, you and I may have something in common; neither of us could figure out what the hell to look at on the interwebs in a moment of desperate boredom and/or procrastination. That is precisely the reason I decided to start this thing which some people call a blog. That and it helps me to stroke my own ego. Anywho, this site will contain all sorts of things from visuals and descriptions of my culinary exploits, to reviews of excellent craft beers and other libations, to political rants, and many other things including but not limited to; travel, international news, cigar reviews, gaming discussions, film reviews, rugby, and really just anything gentlemenly and awesome. Something like a less talented, and tremendously inferior version of the awesomeness that is Sir Anthony Bourdain (In Tony We Trust). If you find yourself wondering about the title, don’t. Put your mind at ease. It was simply the first thing that came to my mind. Though, I suppose it wouldn’t hurt to look at it as a sort of maxim with which to encourage and inspire yourself to do things every day with the intention of stepping outside the comfort zone of the everyday Dick and Jane, and trying something which may (to you) be a little less-ordinary.




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