Buy ‘Em and Blast ‘Em: Bud Reveals Anti-Craft Beer Agenda

Beer & Whiskey Brothers

bud-elysian-quoteIn the end, the money men usually win, largely because we’re all human.

We have mortgages, kids who need schooling, and bills to pay.  They say money can’t buy you happiness, but it can remove a great deal of stress from your daily life.

After struggling (or even thriving) at the helm of a craft brewery, it’s very tempting to take the money and run. No more worrying about making payroll, supply scarcity, increasing competition, new breweries poaching your employees, and the big one – at some point the Big Beer machine is going to make a push into your crafty little world and some breweries (maybe yours) will be crushed in the gears.

It’s like in the Terminator movies – you know SkyNet will soon become self-aware, and when it does, the robots will change everything.  Your survival is anything but certain. 

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